Instructional Support Consultation at the School of Government

A User Guide

The Instructional Support team works with faculty members or other presenters to provide support for any School of Government course.

Why work with the Instructional Support Team?

Instructional support is tailored to the specific needs of individual faculty members or presenters. We work with you to identify the most effective tools and assist in the production, development, and deployment of your materials in the medium that best suits your goals. We can create customized training opportunities for you, your staff, or client group based on your needs.

How can the instructional support team help?
  • Brainstorm with faculty members or other presenters to identify learning objectives and develop a plan of action that will meet those objectives
  • Provide training and assistance with presentation programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, or Word
  • Help to create presentations that are more engaging and interactive
  • Produce video clips to be used in a face-to-face class or as part of a presentation
  • Answer questions about how to accomplish a specific task or use a specific tool in a program
  • Help to find solutions that match your ideas to the best presentation format
What are some examples of projects the instructional support team has worked on?

1. Convert a face-to-face session to an online format (with Greg Allison)
• Redesign of PowerPoint slides
• Reorganization of session content
• Development of quizzes for webinar participants
2. Find an efficient way to prepare complex handouts(with Jamie Markham)
• Organization of content
• Develop ideas for handouts and in-class activities
3. Convert a rough drawing to a finished class handout.(with Whitney Afonso)
• Creation of customized graphics for use in handout or Powerpoint
4. Assist with refining teaching of existing content.(with Leisha DeHart-Davis)
• Development of activities, graphics, and animations
• Assistance with content structuring
5.    Support for teaching MPA students about effective use of Powerpoints.(with Kelley O’Brien)
• Developed instructional module for use in face-to-face and web-based classes

The Basics
How much lead time is needed?

Lead time is based on the complexity of your need or ideas.

What are the costs?

Typically there are no charges for instructional support. During initial planning meetings, we will discuss which alternatives might have associated costs and what those costs might be.

Getting Started

If you have course-related needs or questions—whether it is as complex as designing a new online course or as simple as adding new images to a PowerPoint presentation—send an e-mail to the Instructional Support team at

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