Classroom Setup at the School of Government  

A User Guide

The IT Division offers classroom technology support and training, audiovisual (A/V) equipment checkout, and room setup to School faculty, students, and staff, as well as outside organizations using the Knapp-Sanders Building.

What types of A/V Support are offered?
  • Audio-visual equipment selection
  • Room setup and technical support
  • Equipment checkout
  • Meeting support

The level of assistance provided is unique to each project. The School’s equipment may be used for academic, administrative, or on-site event use, or for limited travel on School business. It is not generally available for external, off-campus rentals or personal use.

What A/V Equipment Is Available?
    • Turning Point clickers and receivers (audience response system)
    • Projectors
    • Video recorders
    • Microphones
    • Laptops
What classroom setup services are available?
      • Room arrangements based on program manager requests via the events calendar
      • Technical assistance is available prior to and during the event

The Basics

How much lead time is needed?

A minimum of two days’ notice is suggested in order to avoid scheduling conflicts for space and resources.

Is there a charge?

A/V support, including equipment use, is paid for indirectly through course registration fees and general administrative overhead. Occasionally, purchases made for specific programs or grants will need to be charged back to that program; this process will be managed through the School’s Business and Finance Division.

Does the school offer this service to outside clients?

A/V support services are available to outside organizations using space in the Knapp-Sanders Building. The Registration and Support Services Division maintains a list of services and associated charges that can be shared with these organizations. The School does not generally rent its equipment or provide services for outside events held off campus.

The Process

1. Request A/V equipment and room arangements through the school's Events Calendar.
2. Check A/V and room arrangements prior to the event.

Getting Started

Requests for A/V and room arrangements are made through the School’s events calendar, available via the home page at

For more information about services or equipment, send a request to

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